Our Team

Aleksandr Kochetkov
Aleksandr KochetkovCEO & Founder
Overall planning and strategy.
Sergey Babich
Sergey BabichA&R
Interested in music talents and scouting for personality in industry.
Sergey Voloshin
Sergey VoloshinPR Assistant
Helping in communications.

With great power, comes great responsibility.


Who We Are

Trickwire Records is a team of passionate music lovers.

As artists, we know all the pain and complexity in grow fan base, promotion your own releases, making creative art and make money for living.

It`s always been a struggle for many of us to find great opportunities, to sign fair deals and making honest relations. It`s a tough world of music industry. Gathering around, we decided to create such a platform for every artist out there and we hope we succeed.

We are independent EDM label, mostly with influences of Future House and Electro House genres.

The History Behind Our Label

We are a new digital label in EDM area, founded by experienced producers.

Our team is focused on few goals in music industry – deliver fresh and quality music, build relationship between artists and grow our future family!

Our story is behind scenes. We got artists with many releases on different labels. We got support from AAA artists in a past. We got managed few artists as well in a past and closely working on sync deals.

Our mission is to provide great platform for many artists and spread their music to the world.

Our faith is based on good relationship between people. We are very selective on music choice and prefer quality over quantity.

We are appreciate any future support, no matter that is ‘Like’ or just some advices.

Stay with us!